Our Breeder-Lands



Welcome to Breeder-land. As the name suggests Breeder-land is the breeding division of Lunar Holdings. Breeder-land specializes in the meat type bird.


There are currently two breeding parent farms at Breeder-land and also a grandparent farm which is under construction. At Breeder-land our core business is to produce quality fertile hatching eggs and healthy day old broilers.


Day old parents are currently being received from Hubbard France (F15) and Hubbard Zimbabwe (Flex).


The day old parent chicks are reared for 25 weeks before they start producing hatching eggs. After 25 weeks the production period starts for the next 40 weeks. The eggs are then sent to Chick-land where they will hatch and produce the day old broilers.


Breeder-land intends to vertically integrate by placing the grandparent stock this year. This will mean that breeder land will start producing (F15) day old parent stock and day old broilers.


Thus Breeder-land is at the helm of Lunar Holdings. Without Breeder-land the whole of Lunar will be affected as it is horizontally integrated to Chick-land, Meat-land & Slaughter-land.