Our Chick-Lands



Some of you are probably wondering what Chickland is all about? Well as implicated by the name Chick-land is basically all about CHICKS. Chickland is one of the six divisions of Lunar Holdings.


At Chick-land we mainly produce day old chicks. With the help of Layer-land and Breeder-land, Chick-land produces approximately 500 000 chicks in a week and about 2 million chicks in a month. Layer-land and Breeder-land are responsible for the production of eggs that are then hatched at Chick-land to produce layer and broiler day old chicks. 

Chick-land forwards the day old chicks it produces to Market-land which is responsible for distributing the chicks to the local market. Chick-land also produces chicks for Meat-land.

Chick-land has got state of the art equipment from Belgium that makes it possible to deliver so many chicks into the market. At Chick-land we can only say the sky is the limit to our production levels of day old chicks.