Our Egg- Lands

Egg-land Profile

The vision of Egg-land is to be the leading producer of quality table eggs in Africa.

The mission is to produce quality table eggs for local and regional market at the lowest price.

Egg-land is a division of Lunar Holdings and it started operating in October 2010. It is the most recently formed egg producer in Zimbabwe and is currently producing 100 000 eggs per day. The target is to produce 1 000 000 eggs per day by 2013. Our goal is to be the largest table egg producer in Zimbabwe and take control of over 60% of the market share.

Egg-land is the first and only company in Zimbabwe to have automatic egg collecting machines. It is also the only Agro-based company with modern high rise poultry houses and it is gaining tremendous popularity in Zimbabwe under the banner of Lunar Chickens. Our products are now selling in all major towns of Zimbabwe. Thus Egg-land is proving to be very successful such that it will eventually surpass and replace what had been the most popular brands in Zimbabwe for the past four decades.

Looking ahead Egg-land will introduce several new products on the market to compete well in the global market. It will also continue to invest in new technology in order to produce table eggs of the highest quality. This will make Egg-land the most efficient and the producer of the highest number of eggs nationwide to nourish a growing population.