Our Meat Harvest Lands (MHL)


As the name literary implies we get to convert the live chickens into meat and other value added products.

Born out of the need to control the quality of finished products in the group’s production chain we strive to be the largest of such operations in the country within the next two years.

In the last 6 months we have seen our slaughter capacity rise from zero to a steady 8000birds per day which we hope to double in just 1 month’s time once our new cold storage capacity of 250 tons is commissioned.

We employ 80 people to run the semi automatic processing plant situated at the corner of Mutoko and Shamva roads on the outskirts of Harare. Our operations include the coordination of Catching, Transportation, Receiving and Weighing, Killing, Evisceration, Chilling, Grading, Portioning, Packing and Freezing.

Our product range is currently Packed Frozen Whole Birds, Fresh Whole Birds, Fresh Individual Portions, Frozen Mixed Portions, Frozen Individual Portions, Fresh Offals, Frozen Offals and Pet foods.

We hope to extend this to Further Processed products i.e. Sausages, polony, burgers and mechanically extracted meat soon.

Our vision is a noble 100 000 birds slaughtered daily by end of 2013.

We have just finalized the plan for the next abattoir which will have a kill capacity of 2000 birds per hour. This means 32000 birds per day in two shifts. This will translate to 48000 birds per day altogether in our two plants. Half of the vision’s target will be done before end of the year.

But after all is said and done our biggest pride is the fact that our product is 100% TRULY ZIMBABWEAN.