Our Meat-lands


The Meat-land division of Lunar Holdings comprises of seven state of the art chicken houses with each having a holding capacity of up to 40 000 birds. Due to the improved efficiency of the houses our birds are slaughtered at 35 days at an average live weight of 1.8kg.

At Meat-land we also have four additional houses that are currently under construction. These houses should be complete by the end of June. With the addition of these extra houses, Meat-land’s total capacity will rise to 346000 birds. At that capacity we hope to be producing 56 tons of dressed chicken per week.

We also produce a lot of chicken manure from our chicken houses at Meat-land. We however do not throw away nor sell the manure. Instead, we take our manure to New Donnington Farm (NDF) where it’s used for cattle feeding.

Since Meat-land has so many chicken houses and we are anticipating having more, we have a sizeable number of employees. We currently have 38 workers and we hope to have more by the end of June 2011, when the other four houses still under construction are completed.

Our vision for the future is to have sixteen more houses constructed at Omega Farm soon. With the additional houses, the number of the broilers we produce will increase from 346000 to 666000. That is our dream at Meat-land.